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by shanae vanmoore If you missed the STARS 2023 Violet Margin Launch Event, or want to rewatch it for the lovely readings and Q&A, here is a special treat! You can view the edited recording of the event. Don’t worry, the edit is only missing the sound errors and the bloopers from the set-up. All…

digital world

Response to November 14th prompt: Write a story about unrequited love.” Sarah Pope, Visual Arts Editor by anonymous The digital world is a lonely place. You see friendships come and go in a blink of an eye, cancel culture running rampant. All you want to do is stick to yourself, but not experience that feeling…


Response to November 9th prompt: Write a haiku about an object that is in the room with you.” Marissa Weihofen, Reader by shanae vanmoore, VM Assistant Managing Editor the dirty clothes pile vanishing a red sneaker; the twins are severed

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