a creative outlet for students, by students.

this is our literary journal

highlighting the margins…

providing a platform

Violet Margin is a publication specifically for undergraduate students. Aspiring writers of any level are invited to submit their work here. We understand how challenging it can be to get published- especially the first time. Violet Margin wants to make publication more accessible.

diversifying literature

We strive for a diverse set of voices in every issue. Our world does not hold one narrative, and its literature should reflect that. At Violet Margin we are interested in narratives that otherwise get pushed to the margins. We want to give writers from marginalized backgrounds the space to push back and make their voice heard anyway.

breaking conventions

Violet Margin is most interested in publishing work that pushes the margins. Experimental works are welcomed here. Here at Violet Margin we aim to break the molds that often confine writers. We dare our writers to be bold!

“That is one of the functions of art: to present what the narrow and desperately practical perspectives of real life exclude.”

C.S Lewis

Editor’s Note

here’s to the unique voices of our editorial staff

editor’s note:

Why do we write about writing? regina ivy In the past semester, I have found that I am obsessed with the idea of writing about writing. I have written about the process of writing and every frustration that comes with it. I have written several proposals for essays that I know I want to write-… Continue reading editor’s note:

editor’s note:

Dancing to Songs About Death In 2018, I put together a collection of poetry called Dancing to Songs About Death. The title is in reference to my struggles with anxiety, particularly health anxiety. My goal was to make a book that was half memoir and half poetry collection, with a dose of stream-of-consciousness prose. The… Continue reading editor’s note: