by shanae vanmoore If you missed the STARS 2023 Violet Margin Launch Event, or want to rewatch it for the lovely readings and Q&A, here is a special treat! You can view the edited recording of the event. Don’t worry, the edit is only missing the sound errors and the bloopers from the set-up. All… Continue reading 2023 STARS EVENT VIDEO


On April 13th at 5 pm CST, Violet Margin and other student activity groups will present at the annual STARS event. This years launch of the 41st edition of Violet Margin will be hosted on Zoom and will feature live readings from contributors.  Special thanks to contributors, the graphic design department staff and students, and the English department… Continue reading 2023 LAUNCH EVENT AT STARS

editor’s note:

Why do we write about writing? regina ivy In the past semester, I have found that I am obsessed with the idea of writing about writing. I have written about the process of writing and every frustration that comes with it. I have written several proposals for essays that I know I want to write-… Continue reading editor’s note: