digital world

Response to November 14th prompt:

Write a story about unrequited love.”

Sarah Pope, Visual Arts Editor

by anonymous

The digital world is a lonely place.

You see friendships come and go in a blink of an eye, cancel culture running rampant. All you want to do is stick to yourself, but not experience that feeling of loneliness. Instead, you search through all your favorite tags, follow people that are well-known, and try to click with them. Making online friends is scary, and not safe most of the time. So, again you stick to yourself, but this time you engage a little more. These people start engaging back, you find yourself thrown into group chats and circles, meeting more and more people as the days go on. Sometimes these new friendships fail, but other times they prevail. When they prevail, you just feel it immediately. Love, compassion, warmth, and safety, all present themselves in unexpected ways. You never know what you may find online, maybe just maybe it will be the best love you have ever received.


By violetmargin

The literary journal of the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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