digital world

Response to November 14th prompt: Write a story about unrequited love.” Sarah Pope, Visual Arts Editor by anonymous The digital world is a lonely place. You see friendships come and go in a blink of an eye, cancel culture running rampant. All you want to do is stick to yourself, but not experience that feeling… Continue reading digital world


Response to November 9th prompt: Write a haiku about an object that is in the room with you.” Marissa Weihofen, Reader by shanae vanmoore, VM Assistant Managing Editor the dirty clothes pile vanishing a red sneaker; the twins are severed

A Brother’s Gift

Response to November 4th prompt: Go to where you stream your music.Hit shuffle!Write a short work inspired by that song. Is it asad and dramatic song? Write about a break-upor mourning a death. Does it make you want todance? Write about a night out at a club! Havefun with it and get in touch with… Continue reading A Brother’s Gift

November Daily Prompts

Why and How You Can Participate by shanae vanmoore To celebrate National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo, and inspire all the writers considering submitting to the Violet Margin journal, we are posting writing prompts on Twitter and Instagram. These prompts are an excellent way to hone your writing skills and an even better way to… Continue reading November Daily Prompts